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Clear braces are orthodontic devices that are used to realign teeth and address bite abnormalities in the same way that traditional metal braces are used, but with transparent or tooth-colored ceramic brackets. Summit Smiles offer clear braces that are not only durable, but great looking. Make an appointment with our office now to get started on your path to a straighter smile.

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What are clear braces?

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Braces have been long used for correcting bite issues and straightening the teeth for many years now. A metallic archwire goes across the row of brackets on the front of the teeth in traditional braces. The archwire must remain metallic in order to be strong enough to pull the teeth into their proper position. But it can be made of various colors or match the color of your natural teeth. Improvements in modern dentistry have made functional yet nearly invisible clear braces possible.

As a result of the drive toward less visible braces, dentistry has developed a variety of techniques for reducing their visibility. Naturally, this increases the expense, but people don’t seem to mind because it makes them seem beautiful.

Archwires are fastened to brackets using stock or colored elastic bands. The brackets are made of ceramic, hence the term ceramic braces. Elastic bands used to secure the archwire can either be transparent or tooth-colored.

Ceramic bracket braces for Adults in Hacienda Heights, California

This kind of orthodontics is good since it is less noticeable than regular metal braces. The small transparent brackets are designed to mix in with the color of your teeth, making them virtually unnoticeable.

Kids Clear Braces Hacienda Heights: Affordable, painless

Kids and teens prefer this treatment not only because they almost hide the appearance of braces on their teeth, but they also have the option to choose the color that they like. The ligatures or bands can also be made of various colors that can either match the color of their brackets or pick any color they prefer. This is a great Orthodontics for kids.

  • More Comfortable

  • Blending Appearance

  • No Removing

  • Gentle Adhesives

Clear braces cost Hacienda Heights

Clear braces are more expensive than any other type of braces mainly because of their aesthetics. It still has the same function as metallic braces which costs lower than clear braces. Regardless of the cost difference, ceramic braces continue to be a popular choice for orthodontic treatment due to their aesthetic appeal.

The majority of individuals choose braces in order to achieve a more attractive smile. But that’s only part of the many benefits this treatment can offer. For example, once your teeth and bite have been straightened, it is much easier to keep them clean. You’ll have fewer cavities and a longer-lasting, healthier smile. As a result, it makes perfect sense to use braces to rectify tooth and bite alignment.

Additionally, it makes sense to locate an orthodontist close to your home and job in order to save time and money on commuting. Look for a professional who has a high number of positive patient ratings. Our team at Summit Smiles have the necessary skills and education, in addition to offering financing solutions to suit any situation. We accept PPO and HMO and finance our customers in-house.

How much does Clear Braces Cost in Hacienda Heights, California?

On average, clear braces cost between $3,500 to $8,000 for an entire mouth of braces. In Hacienda Heights, California, these ceramic braces are more expensive than Metal braces ($3,000 to $ 7,500), but less expensive than Lingual braces ($8,000 to $13,000).

Insurance may cover a portion of the cost up to $3,000. Monthly payment plans often begin at $89.

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Allow us to take care of your dental health issues in our clinic and supply you with a set of clear braces that is of superior quality and lasts longer. If you have any issues or queries about the finest dental alternatives and treatments, or about the expense of dental care, contact us now!

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FAQ for Beautiful Smiles with Transparent Braces in Hacienda Heights

Do Clear Braces hurt at your office in Hacienda Heights?

No. It should not be painful, even more so if you have ceramic braces glued to your teeth. Obtaining transparent braces should not be painful, except that the wires may require adjustment. As the wires are tightened, you may experience brief discomfort.

Do Clear Braces turn yellow - Hacienda Heights?

Braces turn yellow because of the quality of the braces. When orthodontists use low-quality ceramics or plastics, it can turn yellow over a short amount of time. This won't be a problem with high-quality braces and are excellent for Clear braces kids. Additionally, the clear elastic ties might yellow over time, giving the braces a yellow appearance. Fortunately, the ties are detachable and may be changed between appointments.

What foods cannot be consumed while wearing Clear braces - Hacienda Heights?

You should not consume foods that have dark pigments such as coffee, tea, wine, or tomato juice. The ceramic brackets won't stain, but they aren't resistant to discoloration.

Can you drink coffee with Clear braces - Hacienda Heights?

Yes, however, keep in mind that coffee contains black pigments that can stain your braces' brackets and bands. If you prefer to consume coffee, be sure to rinse your mouth afterward with water or mouthwash.

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