Any therapy required before, during, or after a dental operation in order to assure its success is referred to as an adjunctive dental procedure. It is also referred to as an incidental, supplemental, extra, or subsidiary dental operation.

Who needs an Adjunctive dental procedure?

Some people may need additional treatment to ensure that there is enough healthy bone to surround the implant completely. Additionally, it refers to additional orthodontic procedures.

What are the different types of Adjunctive procedures for dental implants?

The following list includes the many kinds of adjunctive dental implant procedures:

  • Gum Grafting
  • Bone Grafting
  • Crown Lengthening

What are Adjunctive orthodontic services?

The term “adjunctive orthodontic treatments” refers to additional orthodontic operations that are often paired with other essential dental services. The improvement of a patient’s oral health is the main goal of supplementary orthodontics.

What are the different types of Adjunctive orthodontic services?

The well-known auxiliary orthodontic treatments include elastics, retainers, and palatal expanders.

What are the perks of Adjunctive dental procedures?

By reducing the formation of periodontal cavities and pockets, ancillary dental treatments aid in improving oral health. Additionally, it provides cosmetic advantages like as whiter teeth and greater tooth spacing.

The following benefits of adjunctive dental procedures:

  • Enhanced dental health
  • Improved tooth position
  • Correct and better spacing of teeth
  • Aesthetic enhancements

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