The phrase “anterior teeth” refers to the twelve teeth that are located on the front of the mouth. These teeth include the cuspids, as well as the maxillary, mandibular, and lateral incisors. The term “front teeth” may also refer to the anterior teeth. The most important function that the anterior teeth perform is that of chopping and tearing food into smaller pieces.

What is the Anterior Side of Teeth?

The section of your teeth known as the front side of the teeth is located in the front of your mouth. When you talk or smile, the anterior part of your teeth is mostly visible.

How many Anterior Teeth are in a Permanent Dentition?

There is a total of 12 teeth in the permanent dentition found in the front region of the mouth. The anterior teeth consist of the central incisors of both the maxillary and mandibular jaws, as well as the canines (cuspids), and the lateral incisors.


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