Toothache is any pain present in the tooth, jaw, or neck. Tooth pain results in fever, headaches, sore muscles, and inflammation when left untreated. An immediate dental appointment is necessary for tooth pain that lasts longer than two days and causes additional issues.

Can Ear Pain Result from Toothache?

Infections that result in toothaches induce ear pain. The earache descends to the jaw if the infection is not treated. Call your dentist to stop the spread of a tooth pain infection.

Can a Swollen Jaw Result from Toothache?

The jaw and surrounding soft tissues develop swelling with a toothache. Jaw inflammation appears with bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity in untreated toothaches.

Can Headache Result from Toothache?

Affectation of the trigeminal nerve causes headaches with tooth pain. The face, teeth, and gums are sensitized by the trigeminal nerve. The symptoms of a headache from tooth pain are light sensitivity, nausea, and vomiting.

Check with a Dentist

A tooth pain that persists for more than two days needs to be seen by a dentist. Get your toothache checked by a dentist if it worsens and causes other issues. We specialize in treating Unbearable Toothache at Summit Smiles. Schedule An Appointment right now.

Can Fever Result from Toothache?

The presence of infection causes fever in toothaches. Fever brought on by tooth discomfort gets severe if the infection is not addressed. Emergency medical care is needed when chest pain, breathing problems, and mental confusion exist with fever.

Can a Sore Throat Result from Toothache?

A sore throat results from tooth pain in the case of a dental abscess. Have your tooth pain checked if your sore throat is followed by swelling, pus, or mouth ulcers.

Can Neck Pain Result from Toothache?

Your neck and jaw muscles get sore when your tooth hurts. The presence of a dental infection leads to a constant neck ache with a painful tooth.

Can Insomnia Result from Toothache?

A severe toothache keeps you awake at night. Sleeplessness from tooth pain eventually results in insomnia.

Can Migraine Result from Toothache?

Migraines are brought on by an unbearable toothache. Targeting the source of your tooth pain takes care of your migraine. A migraine that persists after getting dental treatment requires another specialist.

Can Shoulder Pain Result from Toothache?

The shoulders tense up excessively from severe tooth pain. This shoulder ache commonly comes with soreness of the neck and jaw when there is a Tooth Hurting.

Can Dizziness Result from Toothache?

An ear infection makes you feel dizzy when you have a toothache. Get your dental infection treated to get rid of lightheadedness brought on by a toothache.

Can Sinus Pain Result from Toothache?

Sinus pain and tooth discomfort frequently occur at the same time. Sinus pain happens because the upper roots of the teeth are situated close to the sinus cavity. Inflammation of the face and gums is linked to sinus pain from a toothache.

Can Nausea Result from Toothache?

An infection-related toothache makes you feel nauseous. Seek medical attention if your nausea comes with a fever, chills, and breathing issues.

Can Eye Pain Result from Toothache?

The increased pressure and aching around the eye socket are symptoms of tooth pain. This eye pain is brought on by trigeminal nerve affectation from a toothache.

Can High Blood Pressure Result from Toothache?

Your blood pressure increases if you are experiencing severe tooth pain. Once your toothache has been treated by the dentist, your blood pressure returns to normal.

Can Vertigo Result from Toothache?

An ear infection brought on by a toothache causes vertigo. The dentist cures your toothache to alleviate this form of vertigo.

Can Facial Pain Result from Toothache?

Face discomfort is brought on by an irritated trigeminal nerve from a toothache. Your facial pain goes away after treating the source of your tooth pain.