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Dental emergencies sometimes involve dental pain, infections, missing, or a broken tooth. At Summit Smiles, we offer emergency services to help patients whenever they need us. Contact our dentist office immediately if you are suffering a dental emergency. We are also available after hours (562) 694-3984. Our friendly emergency dentist and caring staff can help manage your condition and treat your oral health problems right away.

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We are just one call away. Summit Smiles prioritizes a patient who’s in need of immediate dental care. Our experts can assist you in obtaining the assistance you require as soon as possible. We have extended hours till 7 pm each day and we are open on Saturdays. If you are within driving distance, we will make every effort to arrange an emergency dental appointment on the same day.

Emergency dentistry in La Habra, CA

Dental emergencies can occur at moment’s notice. Every one of the following dental emergencies may appear terrifying: dental trauma caused by injuries, emergency toothache caused by a tooth cavity, or tooth extractions, but Summit Smiles possesses the required instruments and equipment for a successful emergency dental procedure, allowing you to feel better immediately.

The most frequent dental emergencies are as follows:

  • Dental trauma as a result of an injury
  • Emergency wisdom teeth removal
  • Emergency Tooth Extraction
  • Removal of an emergency tooth
  • Root canal emergency
  • Broken tooth Emergency
  • Pulpitis, a term that refers to inflamed tissues and nerves within the tooth.
  • Emergency tooth pain
  • Dental restorations that are broken or missing, such as a dental crown, denture, or bridge
  • A dental avulsion refers to a loose or knocked-out tooth.
  • Infection of the gum such as gum disease (although rare)
  • Tooth infection
  • Bleeding or swollen gums
  • Damages to the soft tissues like major wounds or lesions to the mouth or tongue
  • Fractured tooth
  • Fillings that need repair or replacement
  • Abscessed tooth or a dental abscess

If you experience any one of the dental emergencies indicated above, contact our dental office and one of our staff members will walk you through your choices and book you an appointment.

Emergency Dentist Near La Habra, CA

Whether you need an emergency dental appointment the same day or after hours near La Habra, CA, we take satisfaction in promptly resolving your concerns and restoring your smile to make it healthy. The qualification of our dentists has all been fact-checked. Our dental practice has cutting-edge technology, a pleasant environment, and modern facilities that will alleviate your concerns while we address your oral health concerns. Schedule an Appointment and find out more about our other available dental services like dental braces, bridges, dentures, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry such as crowns and veneers. The total price varies based on the patient’s circumstances, the amount of sedation administered, and a variety of other considerations. Know more about the PPO dental insurance providers we accept and payment plans or financing alternatives we offer in order for you to conserve your money during treatment.

Emergency Dentists Near Me

Emergency dentistry

Dr. Manali Patel at La Habra, California has # (or many) years of experience providing a variety of affordable oral health treatments. He/She and is well equipped to handle your urgent, emergency situations. Our emergency dental expert and friendly staff in La Habra, CA are devoted to relieving your anxieties and pain in both during emergency dental care situations and during routine dental care. Make an emergency dental appointment and allow us to take care of your emergency dental needs immediately. Additionally, you can visit us at La Habra.

Our Summit Smiles practice is completely aware and adhere to the updated Covid-19 pandemic guidelines. In order to make sure that all of our patients and staff members are safe from the coronavirus, we observe and follow the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s infection control standards, as well as those of the American Dental Association (ADA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

FAQ for Dental Emergency

What should I do if I have a dental emergency in La Habra?

Some dental emergencies can be delayed until your next visit and other cases require immediate medical attention. You should understand the distinction between non-urgent and urgent dental care, particularly if you are having a dental emergency during a time when the majority of dental clinics are closed.

The following dental emergencies require urgent care:

  • Severe or extreme sensitive teeth
  • Loose or knocked out teeth.
  • Dull toothache
  • Mild tooth sensitivity
  • Lost bridge, crown or filling
  • Painful swelling

If you experience any of these signs, you should immediately visit your dentist.

The following are examples of dental emergencies are non-urgent:

  • Swollen cheeks in combination with toothache.
  • Toothache that does not subdue.
  • Injured jaw.
  • Broken or damaged retainer or night guard
  • Broken or cracked tooth that does not cause extreme pain

If you have a non-emergency dental situation, it is still critical that you see your dentist as quickly as possible. While it is acceptable to wait a few days before seeking emergency treatment, you should still contact your dentist immediately to avoid further complications.

Can the emergency room in La Habra pull a tooth?

Only a professional and licensed dentist can conduct a dental extraction at Summit Smiles. In some states, a doctor performing any restorative dentistry treatment or pulling a tooth can have their medical license revoked. Emergency room doctors can offer no more than providing temporary pain relief by prescribing painkillers or antibiotics. You'll need to consult a dentist to resolve your dental health issue.

What is the most common dental emergency?

The most frequently encountered dental emergency is a knocked-out tooth. When it happens, you’ll need to save the knocked out tooth as dentists will be able to re-attach it. Keep the tooth hydrated or moisturized and intact until Dr. Manali Patel, DDS can reattach it.

What is considered a dental emergency?

You may experience a dental emergency even if you maintain proper oral hygiene on a regular basis. A dental emergency is defined as any dental problem that requires rapid emergency dentistry treatment to stop the bleeding, ease discomfort, or save the tooth. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact Summit Smiles immediately.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency and can’t get a hold of my dentist?

If you have terrible toothaches, try over-the-counter pain drugs to alleviate the discomfort or pain. If there is swelling, you can rinse your mouth multiple times with a saltwater solution to remove it. Additionally, you can apply a cold compress to the swollen region's cheeks to reduce inflammation. If the spot is bleeding, you can stop it by biting down on a gauze, towel or cloth.

What if an accident results in the loss of a tooth?

If the tooth is accidentally knocked out, clean it with milk or saline solution and attempt to replace it in the socket if possible. Consult your dentist promptly to have the tooth secured in place. This should be done immediately following the injury. If the tooth is unable to be replaced immediately, place it in a cup of milk or saline solution to keep it moist. Avoid immersing the tooth in water as this can cause damage to the fragile cells. If no milk or saline solution is available, place a piece of gauze in the mouth to keep it moist. It is important to wear a mouthguard in order to minimize or prevent getting a knocked-out tooth

Can your Emergency Dentist see me today?

Yes. we make space in our schedule for urgent matters. We are open from 9 am to 7 pm - most days. We are also open on saturdays.

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