Anchorage Definition


It is possible to resist and even overcome the force of an imposed load by anchorage. There are several ways to anchor teeth in [...]

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Dental Notation Meaning


Another term for dental notation is the ANSI/ADA/ISO Tooth Numbering System. Dental notation is a system dentists use when they talk about and write [...]

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What is meant by Oral Cavity?


The oral cavity is made up of the lips, the inner cheek and mouth lining, the lower and upper gums, the front two-thirds of [...]

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What is a Dental Adjunctive Procedure?


Any therapy required before, during, or after a dental operation in order to assure its success is referred to as an adjunctive dental procedure. [...]

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What is the Definition of Amalgam?


Amalgam, often known as a silver filling, is a kind of dental filling that is used to repair holes or cavities caused by tooth [...]

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Bicuspids are permanent teeth that are located in the space between the canine teeth (cuspids) in the front of the mouth and the molars [...]


Anterior Teeth


The phrase "anterior teeth" refers to the twelve teeth that are located on the front of the mouth. These teeth include the cuspids, as well [...]

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What is the meaning of Bone Remodeling?


Bone remodeling, also known as bone metabolism, occurs when worn-out bone tissue is eliminated from the skeleton by bone resorption. Following that, ossification forms [...]

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