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Clear braces work in the same manner as standard braces do, but they use transparent or tooth-colored brackets to make them nearly invisible.

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What are Clear Bracket Braces?

transparent brackets braces for La Habra communityOriginally, metallic braces have been utilized to treat orthodontic disorders in children and adolescents. Its earliest models are named “metal-mouth” braces.

Dentistry and its supporting technology have developed significantly in recent years, and the modern appearance of metallic braces can fool the majority of people. As a matter of fact, in poor countries, dental braces are a sign of affluence.

In developed nations, it is seen as an aesthetic disadvantage due to the fact that these are visible and hence cause the wearer to stand out from the crowd.

As a result, researchers have devised a variety of methods for concealing the braces. Although the price of this treatment is more expensive, most patients still prefer this option as it makes them look pretty. The most noticeable component is the metal archwire that spans across the front tooth all the way to the jaw. The archwire must stay metallic to function as a spine and must be robust. Nevertheless, the wire can be colored to match both the natural teeth and the braces.

Colored stock or elastic bands are used to secure the archwire to the brackets. These brackets are made of ceramics, an aluminum oxide. These braces are referred to as ceramic braces. The elastic bands secure the brackets to the clear or tooth-colored archwire.

How do Ceramic Braces Work?

Braces provide the same corrective effect as traditional wire braces. The archwire is the primary member, as it runs parallel to the teeth of a jaw from end to end. Even in ceramic braces, this wire is metallic (normally of stainless steel, but maybe tooth-colored, frosted, or silver). The archwire exerts pressure on the teeth through ceramic brackets attached to the teeth one on one.

Brackets are attached directly to the teeth or via orthodontic bands and are secured to the archwire using tooth-colored elastic bands.

The pressure delivered to the brackets via the archwire is transferred to the teeth. The pressure is controlled in such a way that it moves the teeth into the appropriate position without causing pain. When the tooth is in its target position, the pressure is released. The archwire will need to be readjusted to provide further movement. This is done at the dentist’s office on a monthly basis or at predetermined intervals. This course of treatment lasts between one and four years, depending on the severity of the condition and the patient’s age. After the braces have been removed and the ideal tooth alignment has been achieved, your surgeon will recommend wearing plastic retainers or mouth guards.

Clear Braces brackets manufacturers

  • 3M Oral Care
  • GC Orthodontics
  • G&H Orthodontics

Adults Clear Braces

This type is ideal for bite alignment for adult, especially those who are conscious about the looks of metal braces. The tiny, transparent brackets are designed to blend in with the color of the teeth, making them nearly unnoticeable. Additionally, we provide various discrete procedures such as Lingual/Hidden Braces for adults.

Clear Braces Kids

Kids and teens prefer this type of Kids bite alignment because they can choose how their braces can look. They can choose to have it almost unnoticeable by integrating it with the color of their natural teeth, or they can add colorful ligatures or bands to fit their mood or attire. This kind is durable and well-suited for resolving various forms of bite problems.

How to take care?

Clear braces will not be as strong and durable as metallic braces. Additionally, these are more costly than conventional braces. Therefore it needs better care and attention compared to all-metal braces. Below are some things you need to know to take care of your braces:

  • Foods to avoid – If you choose white or ceramic braces which are less conspicuous, avoid foods that could stain the porous components of these dental appliances such as the bands attaching the brackets to the wire. Avoid tobacco, alcoholic beverages, tomato products, berries, dark sodas, coffee, and mustard, as well as foods that include artificial coloring.
  • Oral hygiene – You must practice proper oral hygiene on a regular basis. How these braces are placed in your teeth allows for food and bacteria to get trapped into. Brushing and flossing two times a day, as well as thoroughly washing your mouth after each intake, are all beneficial for preventing tooth decay. Your dentist may recommend that you use an interdental toothbrush designed specifically for this purpose.
  • Regular checkup visits- Dentists can see better about what is going on in your mouth. Therefore any patient regardless of age must visit us for checkups every six months. Dentists can deeply clean those parts of your teeth that you cannot clean despite your best efforts.
  • Avoid whitening toothpaste – We recommend not to use whitening toothpaste when wearing braces. Whitening toothpaste will leave dark patches under the braces that will be difficult to treat once your braces are removed. Moreover, whitening toothpaste can cause a chemical reaction to the brackets. Teens and adults should abstain from smoking and alcohol consumption throughout orthodontic treatment.

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What orthodontic problems can braces with clear brackets treat?

FAQs for Teeth Straigntening

Do clear braces take longer?

Clear braces are comparable to traditional metal braces in terms of the time required to straighten your teeth. Clear braces are not inexpensive; thus, visit Summit Smiles if you are near La Habra or around the area to learn how to save money on the procedure.

Does it hurt?

Getting clear braces shouldn’t hurt. When you have ceramic or plastic brackets bonded to your teeth, you will need to adjust your wires. As it is adjusted, you may feel some soreness. Wires may rub against the mouth, causing brief discomfort or pain. Our Summit Smiles office near La Habra will ensure that you are comfortable during the course of therapy.

Clear braces Near La Habra

Having a dentist who is nearby La Habra is critical if you want to save time and money on this procedure. Along with your routine checkups, there may be multiple treatments and follow-up appointments; hence, having a dental clinic near La Habra, CA can make your dental visits easier. Moreover, seek doctors who have outstanding evaluations for transparent braces and are a good fit for you.

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