During your consultation, you must know the various parts of braces and how each works to correct the alignment of your teeth. to correct your teeth. This will let you better understand what your specialist is talking about when talking about your treatment. It will also help you to communicate with your needs during the treatment time. If a part of your dental appliance needs cleaning or replacement, you’ll know exactly what your orthodontist is talking about.

The five main parts of the braces:

Ligature (Elastic Ties)

– These are small rubber bands that go over your brackets to secure the archwire in place. Ligatures come in various colors and if you pair it with our white, ceramic brackets, these colors will pop!


– The archwire assists the shifting of the teeth as it is the one pulling the teeth into position. The brackets keep the archwire in place and there can also have orthodontic attachments to secure its position. These are made of stainless steel, but they can also be made of titanium. There are various thicknesses of archwires and how thick it defines the amount of force needed to pull the teeth. If you opt for Clear transparent, the archwire is made to match the color of your teeth.


– These are secured to your tooth using tooth-colored cement. These are made of stainless steel or they can be made of transparent ceramics for less visibility. Brackets support the archwire and make sure the teeth are pulled in their proper location.

Metal Bands

– These are thin rings made of stainless steel that is fitted to the tooth then cemented. These metal bands are used to secure other orthodontic attachments such as brackets, hooks, or tubes.

Elastic Hooks and Rubber Bands

– These rubber bands are used to move the teeth in their target direction. These are usually attached to the molar band and the upper ball hook.