Published on October 1, 2021, Updated on October 12, 2021

SmartForce® (Invisalign attachments) are tiny, brightly colored buttons that are attached to the teeth. They are held in place by a strong composite resin bonding substance. SmartForce® attachments are utilized if clear aligners alone are not delivering the desired outcomes.

How Invisalign Attachments Can Help with Severe Malocclussions

Invisalign has been utilized to create even teeth for moderate or mild malocclusions throughout the years, however, unlike traditional braces for this form of orthodontic treatment, severe instances remain impossible. Because of advancements in attachments, Invisalign can now handle more severe situations. These tooth-colored tips, which are typically put in the center of the tooth, are connected to the tooth and will need to be modified further. Orthodontics, on the other hand, is not one of them. They are available in a range of sizes and forms. It might be shaped like a circle, square, or triangle. For accurate tooth movement, the form and position of the attachments impact the intrusion, translation, or extrusion of tooth rotation.

The attachments are normally used when a tooth will need to be rotated because of significant dental crowding or twisting. Attachments act as anchor points, directing the aligners’ forces more effectively and precisely onto the tooth.

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Using Invisalign Buttons Attachments

Attachments are arranged logically and orthodontists simply associate the “bumps” with several dental braces procedures. Attachments are added using a template then is accomplished by following the steps outlined below:

  • Orthodontists can use Invisalign clear plastic templates. It looks similar to a typical aligner and has small bulges that correspond to the location where the teeth must be positioned.
  • Following that, the tooth surface is cleaned and prepared for bonding.
  • The bulb is then filled with a composite dental material that is equivalent to the color of the patient’s tooth. The shape of the attachment used will depend on the shape of the bulge.
  • After the template is screened to your teeth, the bonding chemical is cured with a dental curing lamp.
  • When it has solidified, the template will be removed. Any excess material will be cut away. The small bump is what is left in your tooth and what constitutes your connection.

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Are There Any Problems with Using Invisalign Attachments

Even if you have dental restorations such as fillings, fillings, or crowns, your orthodontist should be able to band attachments to your teeth. Certain types of restorations, on the other hand, can be difficult to locate.

  • Metal or porcelain attachments can be added to such restorations, though they may not be as strong as when applied to a tooth or a composite material. It may be difficult to place during treatment, depending on the level of force used.
  • Composite restorations should be fine because the attachments are made of the same material as the rest of the restoration.